Why We Need Human Talent Management

By Jayadeva De Silva, MSc, MBIM, FIPM, FITD Author of the book Humantalents Management Managing talents is not the same as managing resources. People are human beings with feelings ambitions and thought power. The effective leaders will care about people's talents, adjust in a flexible way to corporate and market demands and promote an organisational... Continue Reading →

Straighten Your Fickle Mind — Mindculture’s Blog

THE MIND From Dhammapada Citta Vagga 1. The flickering, fickle mind, difficult to guard, difficult to control – the wise person straightens it as a fletcher straightens an arrow. 2. Like a fish that is drawn from its watery abode and thrown upon land, even so does this mind flutter. Hence should the realm of […]... Continue Reading →

සීමා කියා දෙයක් නොමැත~බෘස් ලී

සීමා කියා දෙයක් නොමැත. ඇත්තේ සානු පමණය. එම සානු මත නොනැවතී එයින් ඔබ්බට ඔබ යා යුතුය. ~බෘස් ලී via සීමා කියා දෙයක් නොමැත~බෘස් ලී — Business Trainer Sri Lanka

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